What is Axon Acuity?

Predictive graph


Identifies high risk patients for early intervention using validate predictive alogothims; the result matches the “right nurse” with the “right patient” at the “right location” with the “right resources”

Our model has a highly predictive algorithm of R=.85

Magnifying glass

Evidence Based

Ongoing improvement powered by analytics
Evidence based indicators

Interventions based on personalized patient algorithms


Optimized Staffing

Forecasts staffing demands based on patient acuity; aids executives in patient and staff resource distribution while assisting “charge nurse” in balancing patient demand

Follows the American Nurse Association’s core principles of nurse staffing

Integrated chip


Integrates with your existing electronic health record, scheduling software and other existing technology with no added documentation

Provides organizational transparency while fitting into the “natural “ nurse and executive workflow


Feature Set

We make decision making easier and objective

Predicts high risk patients for quality and resource opportunities
Establishes acuity based assignments
Forecasts and plans future resource needs
Provides competency based assignment
Decreases time spent on resource assignments
Identifies increasing workload levels
Prevents under or over scheduling
Easy visualization of patient and staffing needs in a single view
Executive dashboards - quality/financial
“Real time” communication and alerts